After a stay of many years in Argentina, our great-grandfather Zufferey Candide bought the hill of Daval in 1910. Unfortunately, he died in 1918 from the Spanish flue. During several generations, our parents have been produced grapes for the cooperative. Since 1987, after having studying oenology Bertrand & Monique decided to create their own winery and their sell point.

In 1993, a good collaboration with Mr Henri Evéquoz, the father of Monique, allowed to rationalize the production in one point. They decided to build the new winery in Sierre. Both wines from Sierre and Chamoson are vinified at the same winery.

In 2007, they introduced the cultivation of white asparagus, typically from the Rhone' Valley.

In 2009, Monique & Bertrand bought the Castel of Daval and decided to transform the Castle into a beautiful Bed and Breakfast. This guest house offers to their customer 5 rooms decorated with diverse vines present on the hill. La Colline de Daval were the firsts to offer some wines tourism activities in Valais.

In 2012, the really famous apricots from Valais were planted around the hill.

In 2012, Monique & Bertrand built a Wine storehouse with barrels.

In 2012, they created a new line of wines: "Castel de Daval". It includes 3 top-of-line wines raised in barrel.



Offres de Saison


- Des bons cadeau (nuit au Castel, produits de saisons et vins)s

- Apéritif de mariage (extérieur)

- Visite et dégustation personnalisée pour groupe


SEJOUR GOURMAND avec un repas dans un restaurant

castel 2012 016


SEJOUR DE CHARME avec une dégustation de vin

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SEJOUR DU TERROIR avec un panier repas du terroir

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